The Same Procedure As Every Day…

Back to work it is today. I returned from Copenhagen yesterday morning, was back at my place at around 2ish, and had a seminar later that day. Back into stress and a full schedule right away. But at least it feels only like a visit. I will be back at “home” in Copenhagen Thursday evening. And I am really much looking forward to that.

To keep busy and not miss certain people too much I work as many hours in the meantime as possible – 9 today, possibly 9 tomorrow, and 6 on Thursday. After work I either have to do laundry, run some errands, will pick my Danish mentee from RUC who is going to spend a semester at my university, and finally pack my suitcase again. Hope time is passing by quickly. Right now it takes another 50 hours until my last work hour for this week is over. Hope I will manage. Counting down the minutes…

And there is so much planned for the next couple of days/weeks/months already. I have to get into the city at around noon on Friday. The International Welcome Party is that night and starts at 17:00 and there is lots to prepare and decorate before. After a bit of drinking, eating, and funny games, we will head over to the main party of that night, the Metrogårdsfest.

Not sure if I am too excited about that second party though, but there is a quite personal reason for that. I guess after all the drinking Saturday will definitely be hang-over day. On Sunday we invited our mentees over for a Danish dinner. Not sure what we will serve though. Having a vegetarian in the group makes the planning a bit harder than expected. And Monday morning I will have to catch another flight.

But enough about that. Looking forward to the next days first. “Catch” you later…

Love, S.

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