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Barcelona Dairy – Part VII

Unfortunately today I have to write my last part of our Barcelona travel diary. The time passed by way too quickly and I wish we could re-do the days (or at least fly there again right now). However, we have already been thinking about more vacations already (not to Barcelona, but still…). So the 1st of September was our last day in Barcelona and after I had talked about my amazing spa experience on Wednesday, Christoffer wanted to ...

Barcelona Diary – Part VI

The last full day started that morning  (August 30th) and I really hated to start saying goodbye already. I could have stayed another week or two, just eating, relaxing, and shopping all day 🙂 Today we were in for more sightseeing and Christoffer wanted to take me up on the gondola to drive/sail/glide (what the heck do you call it when taking a gondola?) at Torre d’Alta Mar – Barcelona’s cable car. It is a tower, from which ...

Barcelona Diary – Part V

Day 4 in Barcelona, and it is already the 30th of August. Both summer and the vacation are slowly drawing to an end. But we still have almost three full days to go so we better enjoy them to the fullest. Today we had planned to go to the beach to spend some time just relaxing. We got up rather early in the morning and after borrowing some towels from the hotel we walked all the way to Barceloneta again. We bought something to drink and some ...