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Naked All The Way

Of course not naked naked. But naked as in Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay. I just had to have it and now it is finally mine. I already have the Naked 1, the Naked 2, the Naked Basics, and also the Naked Flushed palettes, so there was no question that the Naked 3 had to complete my little collection. My mother-in-law was so nice to bring me one from the US and even though I wanted to pay her she insisted on giving it to me as a present for ...
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It Started As A Business Trip And Ended As A Beauty Trip

The ones who follow me on Twitter might have seen that I was in Hamburg last week Wednesday for my first real business trip. It was a great experience and even though I realized how much more I have to learn I think I did a good job. One of the peaks was, that I had the possibility of hitting a few stores before we had to take our train back to Kopenhagen. The Alsterhaus was my first choice and it was by coincidence the closest store to the ...