Spa Weekend

As my boyfriend and I barely see each other at the moment and with having had a very exhausting exam period all of June he decided to treat us for a little spa weekend.

It was only a one-night stay over but it was great. We left Saturday morning to go to Helsingør. We took the Strandvej, which took a bit longer but that way we were able to see all the gorgeous houses along the beach. One day I want to live in one of those (it does not even have to be one of the big ones – a cute little one would be fine with me).

When we arrived in Helsingør about an hour later the sun was fully out and it was nice and warm. We had a delicious lunch in a little cafe in side street and strolled around the city center for a while. After the check in we got changed and went down for our couple massage (best experience ever). After that we explored the swimming pool, the whirlpool, and the water slide 🙂

After a little nap we went down and had a great dinner in the seaside restaurant. We thought we had gotten a simple pepper steak but what we got was MUCH more. The waiter came with a little table and a portable stove. He finished the steaks right in front of us and created a great mustard-pepper sauce. What  can I say: it was great to watch and so delicious.

After the dinner we went to the casino (they price of the stay of 900 kr. for one night incl. breakfast also included 200 kr. for the casino and we did not want to waste that money even though neither one of us are big gamblers). So we went over to the roulette table and decided to bet 20 kr. on five numbers. We picked 11, 18, 25 and two numbers in the 40’s. The 18 came on right away and we won 700 kr. As we still had 100 kr. we cashed everything in and  got 800 kr. payed out. If you do not include the costs for the dinner and the massage the stay would have cost Christoffer only 100 kr. Great deal 🙂 I wish I would always be that lucky.

The breakfast the next day was over-the-top as well. It was still warm enough to sit outside right next to the water. And the food: different kinds of bread, things to put on the bread, pastries, and fruit fruit fruit. I love to be able to get not just an apple or an orange but different kind of melon, kiwi’s, and exotic fruit. DELICIOUS!

Enjoy the pictures 🙂

Love, S.

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