On Thursday I only had to work until 12:00 as I had to hand in some papers for the Freshman Tour next week at the university. My boyfriend had a work meeting at the building across from where I work which started at 11:00 and was supposed to last approximately an hour – perfect timing. We walked to school together, handed in the papers, said hi to people… and off we went for a delicious quick lunch together.

Smagsløget is a really great sandwich place close to Nørreport (which is the central station in Copenhagen for those not from here). The area right close to Nørreport is not the nicest. It takes a few meters until you leave the rush of Nørreport behind you. The more amazing it is to find this awesome sandwich place only 50 meter from the station.

But Smagsløget is not just a sandwich place. And they do not just serve simple sandwiches. I am not sure what  I would call it but definitely NOT only a sandwich. Proper bread, proper ingredients always fresh, and made with love. That is what I call a proper sandwich! I did not take a picture of their counter but it felt like being in a speciality food place – so yum.

The boyfriend (eating his sandwich) did not want to be photographed so I took only pictures of my sandwich and my drink (Rose lemonade – cool, right?) and his drink (some sparkly biological lemonade which did not taste as good as it looked).

Enjoy and get hungry!

Love, S.

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