Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter

A few months ago I heard about the new lip butters from Revlon for the first time. And I loved them instantly. They kind of reminded me of the “Almost Lipstick’s” from Clinique – just with way more color options.

I started my Google search and soon had to realize that I would probably not be able to get them if not ordering over ebay from the States. That amounted to quite some money, which I was not willing to pay so I put the thought away.

Thankfully a few weeks later they also came out in the UK and Charlotte offered to get a few for me. As far as I know, the UK does not have all the colors, which are offered in the States. I was still able to pick two lovely shades, which arrived in my mailbox only shortly after.

I chose a reddish/pinkish color (Berry Smoothie) and a nice nude (Créme Brulee). At first I was a bit shocked when I unpacked the colors. I new from the Almost Lipstick’s that the color in the stick is very very dark.  But I was a bit repelled by the beige color of Créme Brulee (see below).

It turned out that Berry Smoothie gives of only a little bit of the actual color and therefore looks like a very nice tinted lip balm on my lips. Créme Brulee also just gives off a bit of color and makes my lips shine in a bit of nude (I think the nude shows more than the berry) and I love both of them. Too bad we do not have them in Germany or Denmark – I would definitely be tempted in trying out more colors for the price. It is a great combination of a lip balm and a bit of color and therefore it is great that they offer so many different color choices.

Love, S.

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