New In – Make Up Remover

When travelling I cannot help myself and love to treat myself when at the airport. Lancôme things are just so much cheaper. I had heard a lot about the cleanser from Lancôme so I too the chance and bought it.

I did not buy the one with blue inside (the oily one) as I am wearing contacts and any make up remover with oil is not good for my eyes at all. Unfortunately the regular cleanser does not get off my mascara as easily and I have to use quite a bit of product. Considering the prices this is quite expensive so I am not sure if I would repurchase. Could anyone of you tell me how oily the make up remover/cleanser with the blue stuff in it is?

It was really hard to take a picture of this bottle as it is see through. The camera just did not want to focus.

The other make up remover is a cleansing balm from Balea. I have something similar from Clinique but it is quite hard to use and I hope the tube will help with this one. I did not test it yet (want to finish other products first) but I will keep you up to date how I liked it.

Love, S.

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