I am back…

Sorry for my lack of absence over the last couple of weeks. But now I am back. Back from 10 amazing days in Florida and back with new energy for school, work, and blogging 🙂 (besides that I have acquired lots of great products in the US, which I cannot wait to share with you).

As I just returned yesterday and spend the best part of day in bed today this post (and the next one as well) will be mainly containing some Florida impressions – I hope you do not mind. Within this week I will start testing and using my new products and start taking pictures to share them all with you.

But for now: enjoy some of the sunshine I brought with me:

1., 2. & 3.: View from our apartment. The first one was taken at 06:30 in the morning on our first day. It got better and warmer over the next couple of days and we did not have a single drop of rain within the 10 days. We also had dolphin visits almost every day. Can you see the fin sticking out of the water on picture 3?

4. & 5.: Some views of our apartment. I never took pictures of the whole place (I should have – such a shame). It was such a nice place. I captured the kitchen though, which was absolutely amazing. I am wishing for such a nice and big kitchen later on. Picture 5 shows my sister’s and my room – messy as always, lol.

6. – 10.: Our apartment was in Madeira Beach, Florida, close to John’s Pass. John’s Pass is one of the very few places, which opens up the Boca Ciega Bay to the Gulf of Mexico. John’s Pass includes both a big draw bridge (amazing sight when the bridge pulls up) and the John’s Pass Fishing Village, which is touristy but in a very charming way. From John’s Pass a lot of fishing and dolphin tours are leaving every day. I really loved walking along the pier in the sunshine and just enjoying myself (while eating some pretty damn good ice cream).

11. – 16.: And yes, we also took a dolphin tour. Even though it was pretty chilly on the boat we got to see quit a few dolphins. They are such amazing animals and have cute little faces. Besides seing lots of dolphins we sailed along some really amazing houses (I picked out my favorite but forgot to take a picture) and a bird reservoir. Definitely something you should do while down there.

Love, S.


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