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Goodiebox Denmark – July 2012

Last week another wonderful Goodiebox reached me. The concept is similar to the various boxes all over the world so I will not explain a lot about it.

This summer Goodiebox decided to bring out one box in the beginning of June, one in the middle of July and the last summer box will come at the end of August. You can see that there is not necessarily one box per month but I think it is nice if you can adjust a little bit to the really slow summer season (and you pay per box and not per month anyway.

To not get this post too long I will show you the pictures first and then explain a little bit what I had in my box and what I think of the products.

First of all: the box was nicely packed as usually. Unfortunately the box is “only” a regular packing box (see above), which is not very stable and I would not use that kind of box afterwards except if I have to send something somewhere and have the box lying around by coincidence. That was the good  thing about the German Glossybox, as their box is nice and stable and I love it for storing nail polish and make up etc. But I guess the wrapping is not really what matters.

But now to the products:

1. Decubal Ecological Body Cream: When it comes to body cream I am not too much about ecological but about smell. This one has elderflower and olive oil in it and it smells amazing while still being good for you. Perfect match! By the way: Decubal is a Danish product sold in pharmacies (something like La Roche-Posay or Vichy etc.). The size is also pretty good as you can try the product properly and is perfect for 1-2 weeks of vacation.

2. Decubal Ecological Face Cream: This come in the original size and is also with elder flower, apricot and almond oil. As it consists of only natural and ecological ingredients I am pretty certain that I can take the cream and will not get allergy against it.

3. Schwarzkopf Pro OSiS Session Extreme Hold Hairspray: Nice travel size and even though I do not use hairspray on a regular basis it is always nice to have a little bottle at home. So perfect for me!

4. Bodynordic Lip Gloss: The first product I did not like. It comes in a tube and is supposed to be the color nude. Unfortunately it is a) very very sticky and b) only slightly pink and not nude. I do have lips, which are naturally already quite red so when it comes to lip gloss I need a creamy nude lip gloss or something reddish. Anything will just make my lips shine but not color them. Too bad about this product as I thought the other Bodynordic products on their homepage look quite interesting.

5. Jurlique Eye Make Up Remover: Jurlique is one of the up and coming popular brands here in the Nordics. When you look on Nelly you can also find a lot of their products. Jurlique itself is an Australian brand and focuses on “natural, high performance skin products” (website). Again I like the natural aspect and I will definitely try this make up remover. The size is a trial size but still big enough to get a few tries out of it.

6. Depend Nail Polish: This is the second product out of the box I was not too happy about. Besides the really ugly color (muddy blue?!?) I do not like the brush too much and I guess I am just spoiled by my beloved Essie, OPI, Chanel and Dior nail polishes. Guilty as charged. The bottles are super cheap though and the right thing if you want something funky for dress up or just want to try a certain color but do not want to spend a lot of money.

Conclusion: I really enjoyed the box and it was definitely a step up from my last box, which was my first one by the way. I hope they can keep up the good work and if it takes two months to bring out a good box I will gladly save the money and wait. Looking forward to the next box.

You can order the box here and it will costs you 119 kr. per box. Unfortunately shipping is only within Denmark though.

Love, S.

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