Free As A Butterfly

As I am working today and tomorrow I do not have the time (and the will – after work I just want to get home) to go into the city afterwards. The weather is also way too nice to spend it inside of stores and I would rather prefer and sit outside eating ice cream or drinking a vanilla latte.

That is what I was doing today: sitting on my balcony, coffee in hand, laptop close. And still doing the shopping: online. Matching to the beautiful weather outside I found those three outstanding pieces at Zara. It is all about butterflies and big prints with summerly patterns.

The piece on the first picture is my favorite. I like that it is black but still an absolute summer jacket. Secondly I like that it is not just a jacket, but more like an Japanese Kimono – which makes it even more special. Unfortunately it is quite expensive for being such a special thing so I will see how it looks on me in person.

I also really like the second shirt as it is made out of some really nice silky material, which makes it perfect for dressing up a bit more, i.e. the office. I just wish she shirt would be black and not white.

I will try to find the things in the store to try them on. I was planning on going into the city on Wednesday after school anyway as a new shoe store has opened which I of course have to check out. So stay tuned to see if I found something.

Love, S.

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