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Diptyque Love

So I hopped on the bandwagon and splurged on a Diptyque candle. I actually wanted to wait with it until we are in London for my birthday (in mid-March) as they have several stores where you can get the candles/perfumes and I also thought that they maybe are cheaper over there.

But after some research I found out that a) we now can buy Diptyque in Copenhagen as well (though only in one store with a rather small collection) and b) there is no price difference between London and Copenhagen. So when February came (and my salary) I spend my time sniffing away the few candles Storm in Copenhagen had to offer.


Unfortunately Storm had an event going on in the store that day (the release of a new clothing line of some manger of some rapper? – not sure tbh) and it was super crowded (the store is quite tiny anyway) so my sniffing-away-experience was a bit damped 🙁 As their assortment was also rather limited and because I had looked at the descriptions of the various scents before I headed to the store (thankfully) I was able to decide on one quite soon.

After not even 10 minutes we left Storm again and I am now a proud owner of a Diptyque Baies candle. Baies can be placed in the “fruity” category and is described as “a bouquet of roses and blackcurrent leaves”. As a Diptyque candle is quite an investment I did not dare to try it out yet (I also want to finish my two Yankee candles first, as both scents are quite sweet and Christmassy and soon will not fit anymore with the season) but it definitely smells amazing even without burning it yet.




I love the classy look of the candles and will definitely use the glass jar for decoration purposes after it is burned down all the way (do not want to think about that yet). Additionally I have my eye on the following scents and will give them a whiff when I am finally in a Diptyque boutique in London: Mimosa (floral),  Feu de Bois (woody) and Musc (woody).

Love, S. 

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