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As all of you know by now my favorite nail polishes usually come from Chanel. I am just not good enough in applying nail polish 2-3 times and a good nail polish has to look good after the first appliance.

Like many other people I was excitedly awaiting the new Chanel Spring nail polishes and was able to get them in the middle of January. My lovely boyfriend went on a business trip to Germany and was able to buy them there (cheaper), at the airport in Germany (even cheaper). And as I could not decide I got all three colors 🙂

April (533) is a quite dark berry-color, and it looks way lighter on the pictures. In real life, and on my nails, it is very very dark, almost too dark. I was wishing it would be a bit lighter but it is a very nice sophisticated color and a nice change to red.

May is my absolute favorite color in this triplet of colors. It is the most gorgeous pink, which suits pretty much every outfit (office and/or free time). For some people it might be a bit too girlish but for me it is perfect!

Last but not least we have June, wish is a apricot/salmon color (more apricot-orange though). I did not try the color out yet so I cannot say how hard it is to apply. I heard/read on other blogs that it is quite hard to apply. As I definitely wanted to have the other two I decided to get all three and I am sure I will not regret it. I think orange/peach is THE color of the spring season and looking at the new MAC Naturally collection it will fit perfectly!

BTW: April and June were perfect after applying just one coat! Love it.

Love, S.

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