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Hohoho everyone, Charlotte tagged my in her Winterlicious tag earlier today and as this tag does not require too many pictures I was all in right away. I have so many other great posts planned for you (22 – I just counted my little list) as well but the light is horrid at the moment. It feels like it is literally not getting dark out there at all. So here we go with a tag for now and I hope that this week (I am home all week for ...
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Fall Time is Pumpkin Time

I admit – I do not like pumpkins. At least when it comes to eating them. I think the smell is really repelling and I just do not like it. Though I absolutely love everyone making pumpkin bread, pumpkin soup and drinking Spiced Pumpkin Lattes at Starbucks – I wish I would like it as well. This has never stopped me from using pumpkins as decoration though. As a kid we carved out pumpkins on a regular basis to put them in front of ...
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Things To Do In Fall

When being asked, which season is my favorite I usually cannot give a precise answer. In my opinion there is something special and magical about every season. I love the feeling of going out of the house in the morning and realizing I might be able to ditch my coat very soon (in the spring). Nothing beats the smell after a long hot day followed by heavy rain (in the summer). I love the sound of snow crackling under my feet and the smell of ...