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I bought lots of different things in the US. I am slowly starting to show you all the different things though I do not want to overload you guys. So I am starting off with a general post about some of my beauty products which I shopped. There are more beauty posts to come as I did a little MAC spree as well 🙂

"Tousle me softly" from Herbal Essences. Not available in Germany or Denmark so I stocked up on it in the US. My favorite shampoo which is actually affordable.

New winter collection from Bath & Bodyworks. Body lotion in pumpkin, apple, and vanilla.

New shower gel in Candy Apple and Vanilla Bean. Also from the new winter collection from Bath & Bodyworks.

New facial cleanser from Olay. I saw a commercial for it and I am a sucker for interesting sounding commercials. But I love the product and it is so good to my skin. And the smell...

I love Burt's Bees products and you can get them easily and cheap in the US. I bought the one I had again as it came in a double pack. I also took two of the other chap sticks (the one in white, to the right) as it is supposed to be a medicated one. The regular one is already medicated and I am loving it so I took the chance. I did not try it yet but when you are interested I can tell you how it is.

I got Tiger Lily and Rose as they were the two colors I am most likely to wear. Pictures where I am wearing them are to come.

I could not resist in buying the new Burt's Bees tinted lip balm.

Last but not least I bought a few of my all time favorite chapstick from Chap Stick 🙂 The Medicated one is the one I am using for years now and I am always fully satisfied.

Love, S.

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