As mentioned yesterday I might get closer to see the ocean and a beach again which are actually warm enough to wear a bathing suit and/or bikini at. So as I did not look for any beachwear at all this year (because I thought I just do not need anything new) I am suddenly in desperate need of something new.

I love the frills on the sides as that is something which is me. I also love the pattern a lot and also the cut-outs in general. I am just not sure if I am too happy about how it is cut around the bellybutton.

I am usually a bikini girl, mainly because I think you just get a better tan. I also do not switch bikini styles within a season, because that might leave weird marks on my skin. So I try to get at least two different kind of bikinis which have approx. the same cut..I tend to tan pretty easily if I manage to get sun at the exact same spots for 2-3 days. But if I would wear different things every day I stay rather white 🙁

Colorblock is all I can say - this fits perfectly into everyone's closet at the moment. Unfortunately I am missing the cut-outs here and I would like to have straps - especially on a bathing suit.

Last season instead of bikinis a lot of bathing suits popped up on the fashion shows and this coming summer season it continues. I browsed the web and found some amazing pieces I just cannot decide which one to get.

Last but not least this would be my first choice. I like the mix of stripes and flowers in the pattern and the cut-outs are just perfect to make the bathing suit look not too boring. It has straps, not only on the top, but I like the little details on the bottom part as well.

What do you think is most Sarah?

Love, S.

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