Barcelona Diary – Part V

Day 4 in Barcelona, and it is already the 30th of August. Both summer and the vacation are slowly drawing to an end. But we still have almost three full days to go so we better enjoy them to the fullest.

Today we had planned to go to the beach to spend some time just relaxing. We got up rather early in the morning and after borrowing some towels from the hotel we walked all the way to Barceloneta again. We bought something to drink and some ice cream at one of the carts standing across from the beach and actually spend money on two sun beds and a parasol. I do not have a single picture from the beach that day, mainly because we left everything valuable at home. We brought towels, a magazine each, sunscreen, and our sunglasses. No phones, no iPads, no camera, no nothing. Just a little bit of cash, which was mainly gone after paying for the sunbeds and the water.

The reason for this is simple: the only real downside of Barcelona are the pickpockets, which actually walk through the rows of sunbeds at the beach and grab random bags. Or pick your bag/pocket/wallet when walking around like a tourist. So we did not want to take anything ┬ávaluable to the beach. Being the “busy bee” he his, we spend all of three hours at the beach and in the water before Christoffer got bored and we headed back to the hotel. But instead of taking a nap we actually changed into clothes right away and went into the city again for some late lunch:


Afterwards we took our well deserved nap (beaching is exhausting after all) and got ready for our dinner at Bestial:


Bestial has a lovely outside terrace with different levels, facing the ocean, surrounded by trees and lots of green. The food is great and the prices are moderate and I really enjoyed our time there. We had a table at the very end of the terrace with view towards the water and the W Hotel. Breathtaking ­čÖé

Bildschirmfoto 2013-09-06 um 20.56.01

Bildschirmfoto 2013-09-06 um 20.57.13

After dinner both Christoffer and I were super exhausted, so again we took a taxi and headed back to the hotel for a good nights’ sleep and another day of adventures the next morning.

Love, S.


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