30 Days Make Up Challenge – Day 10

10. Favorite make up brush?

I cannot really say which one my favorite brush actually is. I am currently using the Kabuki brush from Bare Minerals but I am not totally happy with it. It does not take up the product as much as I would want and it also does not give off the product nearly as good as it should.

Another Bare Minerals brush which I use quite often is this one (insert photo) and I use it to apply highlighter.

It takes up the product and gives it off okay but still not satisfying enough. Any good brush suggestions? Also from MAC?

I still want to get the 2-3 brushes from MAC soon. I also currently ordered lots of brushes from Kosmetik Kosmo and even though I am very happy with them I want to try them out a bit more (I just got them around Christmas).

So I think I have to get back to you about that one when I had more time to try them out more thoroughly and also got some of the MAC brushes.

Love, S.

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