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January 13, 2012


Let’s Eat Healthy

So, I was out shopping this morning after dropping by the post office as I was craving some really unhealthy stuff to keep me going while studying for my next exam. When I passed by the first shelves (the one with fruits and green things) I saw the salads and became really hungry for salad as well. I ended up buying a weird combination of food: 1. Salad 2. Radishes 3. Baby Carrots 4. Rye Bread 5. Cookies 6. Nutella 7. Pringles 8. Instant ...

MAC Daphne Guinness LE

Hello lovelies, sorry for my absence lately. I am currently writing my exams and spend most of my time studying or actually taking the exams. Or I try to put in a few hours of work inbetween. Nevertheless was I able to drop by the MAC counter and bought the Blush Ombre in the Azalea Blossom. It’s a light pink color and is a repromote. I actually first opted for the darker color but at the counter I realized that with the two changing ...