2 Week Vacation Break

Hello my loves,

sorry for not posting for a few days. I know, I know (I hate those bloggers as well who do nothing but find stupid excuses) but the last couple of days have been busy. I had a mock exam (one of three trial exams throughout the semester which you all have to pass in order to be allowed to write the final exam in the end) and my dad was here in Copenhagen from Sunday until today.

And now I am going on vacation! In around 10 hours our flight to Miami (well Paris, and then Miami) will leave and I am super excited. After the mock exam (it went until 5pm) it took me ages to get home and I spend the last 2,5 hours with ironing, packing, and cleaning. Now I am in bed, charging all my devices all over the apartment (iPad, iPhone, iPod, little camera, big camere, boyfriend’s iPad, and his iPhone) and I can only hope that I will not forget any of them tomorrow.

I am not bringing the computer to Florida so I think I won’t be able to upload lots of pictures. Follow me on Twitter (@OfficialSarah) for more regular updates as I can upload pictures from my phone!

And you better watch out for great outfit, clothes, and beauty posts from the 27th on 🙂

Do not let the cold weather get you over here! Will try to send lots of sun over to Europe!

Love, S.

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