Wound – The Wonder Spray

A couple of weeks back I was asked if I wanted to test a new spray called “Wound” or “Wunde” in German. I was intrigued by the simple name but also by the promises the spray made. Wound is an all-in-one healing spray with different kind of oils as ingredients that are 100% natural, preservative-free and non-toxic. Plus as it is a spray it is also completely painless during application, which with a toddler at home is a big plus.

So what can you use “Wound” for? Basically you spray it on all kinds of scrapes, cuts, abrasions and even burns. Plus it is perfect for baby bottoms that are a bit sore from diaper rash. Now as the email with the offer arrived exactly when I was trying to sooth one of Freja’s “boo boo’s” I decided to take them up and test the spray. It arrived in the mail last week and it didn’t take long for me to actually start using it. While Freja walks just fine she is still prone to falling quite often, especially when she wears a new pair of shoes. Considering the warmer temperatures at the moment she’s wearing shorts/skirts/dresses quite often, which leave her little knees exposed, resulting in open knees quite often.

Now I have tested the spray for two weeks on both her bum as well as her knees and this is my feedback:

  • The spray does work. Period. Already after 1-2 applications I could see significant differences on the scrapes around her knees. I also used it on her diaper rash and one application was enough (she had a stomach bug, which went away).
  • The spray does smell. At least a little bit. I wouldn’t go as far as say that it stinks (I actually got an Instagram message of someone who used exactly that term but I don’t agree). While the scent is not super pleasant, is isn’t to dominant either. And in my opinion a medical product does not have to smell like a perfume.
  • The spray is oily. This is of course just normal when looking at the oil ingredients. But oil doesn’t go well with clothing and one really has to watch out to not get it all over. While it washes out without any problems I also don’t want to have oil stains on my (or Freja’s clothes for that matter) clothes when I leave for work. So I would advise on a certain caution when spraying it on during the day (however I knew this is something to watch out for as it is mentioned in the brochure which came with the spray).

Overall I have to say it is a good and more natural alternative to similar products, produced by the bigger pharmaceutical companies. Also that it is approved even for babies as little as 1 month is a big plus. I wish it would be a bit more affordable as the significant price difference to alternative products might not play in favour for choosing “Wound”. But I am a big supporter of helping smaller companies/start ups, if they came up with a great idea or product, which is the case for “Wound”.

Love, S.


*Ad: The spray was kindly send to us by Xeit GmbH, without any conditions attached. I wrote this post without having been asked to do so or having been paid for it. Therefore my opinion is completely my own.

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