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Hohoho everyone,

Charlotte tagged my in her Winterlicious tag earlier today and as this tag does not require too many pictures I was all in right away. I have so many other great posts planned for you (22 – I just counted my little list) as well but the light is horrid at the moment. It feels like it is literally not getting dark out there at all. So here we go with a tag for now and I hope that this week (I am home all week for studying) I will get some light and find the time to take nice pics of at least a few things.

1/ Favorite winter nail polish?

My new favorite I have to say is Essie’s „Beyond Cozy“ from the new winter collection. It’s a shimmery gold with a hint of silver and it is just such an amazing color – something I have never seen before.


2/ Favorite winter lip products?

During my vacation in Florida I got my hands on some products from „fresh“ – the sugar lip balm and the sugar lip scrub. As I always have chapped lips I am using those a lot lately. When it comes to color I am sticking to my Dior Nude lipstick in 459 – Charnelle. It is an extremely moisturizing lipstick while looking so super natural. I love it! (sorry for the twisted pictures put the whole media uploading thing is new and I just cannot seem to find the button to rotate pictures)…


3/ Most worn Christmas piece of clothing?

I do not really have anything, which I would consider Christmas clothing. We are not too much into Christmas sweaters etc. here in Denmark and neither in Germany. So all I could say is: regular chunky sweaters. I however got a new sweater from Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply with some Norwegian pattern on it – I guess that is quite wintery in a way.

 4/ Most worn winter accessory?

Scarfs! I am a scarf person and have I do not know how many of them. My favorites are four (rather similar) scarfs from Abercrombie & Fitch, which I love and wear to death.


5/ Favourite winter scent/candle?

In the States I stocked up on Yankee tartes (post still to come) and my favorite scents come with some vanilla in it. I also really like the cinnamon tarte but boy – was that a strong smell in the beginning. Quite overwhelming.

6/ Favorite winter beverage?

We do not really have a lot of Starbucks in Denmark. Actually only three – two of them at the airport and the third one just opened recently and I have not have had a chance to go there yet. Our other big coffee brand is called Barasso but they do not really have Christmas beverages. They came up with a version of a café latte with those little chocolate mints in pink and white inside. It takes a while until the chocolates are fully dissolved but it was still yummi.


7/ All time favorite Christmas movie?

I like the movie where the guy falls from the roof and is suddenly Santa Clause – not sure how it is called though. For me Christmas is rather about lots of oldies but goodies when it comes to movies – Home Alone, some chick flicks like Knocked Up, and Harry Potter!!!

8/ Favorite Christmas song?

I like Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas” & “Feliz Navidad” – in an upbeat version though. When it comes to slower songs I really like “Hark How The Bells”. I took Choir when I went to school in the States and we had lessons every day. I especially liked the classes where girls and boys came together and we practiced the song together. It was one of the most amazing things ever – I sounded so amazing and I wish I would have our Christmas concert on video.

9/ Favorite Christmassy food/treat? 

I really like something, which is called “brune kartofler” – basically little cooked potatoes rolled afterwards in liquid sugar (aka caramel). So caramelized potatoes. You eat it with a special kind of meat flæskesteg, which is roast pork with cracklings and add red cabbage. Afterwards you have risalamande, a rice pudding made with whipped cream, rice and almonds. Clue is having a whole almond inside as well and the one who gets it gets a present.

10/ What is your favorite Christmas decoration this year? 

My advent candle thingy (we call it an “Adventskranz” in German). I bought a basket with a metal holder inside and put four red candles on the top. I also filled the basket with evergreens, added some fir cones and hung little red ornaments on it. Really simple, easy made but really pretty.


11/ What’s at the top of your Christmas list this year?

I posted a personal wish list a while ago and yes, those things are of course still somewhat on my wish list. However I do realize that some of my wishes are quite expensive and I do not expect anyone do buy those things for me. I actually appreciate to buy more expensive things on my own as it makes me feel like I earned the item.

 12/ What are your plans for Christmas this year?

We switch between families every year. Two years ago we celebrated in Denmark and last year we celebrated with my family in Germany. So obviously it is Denmark again this year. As I have an exam on the 4th of January I unfortunately will not be able to go and see my family afterwards. But I already booked a ticket to go home for four days from the 10th to the 14th of January so I have something to look forward to as well.

Feel all tagged 🙂

Love, S.

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