Winter Wonderland

Ugh, do you know the feeling when you see something really great on a blog and then you go look for it online, and when you finally found it you see how expensive it really is so that you cannot afford it? It happens to me all the time. By now I should be used to it, but I still get that exciting feeling in my stomach when I see something I totally like and then it is so far out of reach 🙁  

Since it is getting colder and colder outside I am looking for a nice warm winter jacket which still looks great to everything – something which I can combine with jeans and sneakers, boots and a skirt, or a dress and high heels. Easier said then done. I was thinking about the Barbour International jacket in black, because I really like its classy look. I even tried it on a couple of times but it is not really warm. I more likely would consider it a fall or spring coat.

But back to the original topic, the coat I saw which is way too expensive. I saw it on Charlotte D.’s blog on LOOKLAB. It is the Mateo coat from ACNE. I looked up the price in the online store and 580€ are just a bit above my budget this month, with Christmas and the move to Denmark coming up. So all I have is pretty pictures to look at.

Who can relate to my major disappointment right now? Anyone knows where I can get a similar coat for a more reasonable price? Suggestions are more than welcome!

Love, S.

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