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Are books so expensive? If it is at least a book that I want to read on my own free will, I am okay with paying a tad bit more. In general if prefer paper backs but hardcover’s are also nice and I definitely did not want to wait for the Harry Potter book’s to come out as paperback first – I just had to read them right away!

1. The Strategy Process: Concepts, Contexts, Cases – Henry Mintzberg (978-0273651208)

2. Exploring Corporate Strategy – Gerry Johnson (978-0273731559)

3.  Understanding the Theory and Design of Organizations – Richard L. Daft (978-0324422719)

Sadly university books are recently costing me a fortune. I should think that I got used to it while staying in Denmark last semester. But I am not. In Germany I barely had to buy books for class. Usually the slides from the professors and all the notes I took in lectures and classes were enough to pass the exam. Of course they always gave out a reading list and recommended books – but to be honest: I never really needed them. And if I wanted to read up on something I could always go into the library. The only books I had to buy were for some law classes (statue books) as of course nobody can remember every single law including paragraph. But those books are super cheap (between 3,50 – 7,50€) – so for all three of them which I needed I maybe paid around 15€. Two more books which I bought where books written by the professors themselves and they told us we could take the books with us into the exam. So buying them was actually worth it as we were also allowed to write notes into the books – and with 20€ each also not too expensive. The last book I bought was a book, were the professor does not provide the slides (though of course he has them, he just does not want to give them to us). But he wrote a book about the topic and the slides are based on the book. So I ended up having to buy the book (20€) and read it. Though that results of me not going to his class too often as I have is book now (that is what I keep telling me at least)…

4.  Introduction to Organisational Behaviour – Steve Ellis (978-0077108076)

5. A Guide to Modern Econometrics – Marno Verbeek (978-0470517697)

6. Introductory Econometrics – Jeffrey M. Wooldridge (978-0324788907)

The story goes different in Denmark. Here professors like to use American or UK textbooks which are totally different than many German ones. I am used to those due to my exchange year in the US though. In a typical US textbook you have a chapter on a certain topic and usually a summary at the end of every chapter. After the chapter you can find exercises and usually also the answers. You would barely find something like that in Germany. Here we stick to a book with only information and you can maybe buy an additional book with exercises and answers on the topic. Of course the way American books are build make them so much thicker than my German ones. I never owned so many thick books in my life!

7. Intermediate Microeconomics: A Modern Approach – Hal R. Varian (978-0393928624)

8. A Primer in Game Theory – Robert Gibbons (978-0745011592)

9. Sociological Theory – Georg Ritzer (978-0071284066)

As my new classes for the spring semester are approaching and they spring schedule also already includes classes for summer school I am currently ordering books for my desired classes (at least for the ones I have to take or definitely want to take). That leaves me with a hole in my wallet by now. I think I spend about 300€ on school books in the last 1,5 months. Call me crazy but in Germany books are way cheaper then in Copenhagen. I am also able to get them shipped from the UK which makes them even cheaper. If I would not have ordered all those books over the last couple of weeks to Germany, I probably would have paid 500€ in Denmark.

And last but not least:

10. An Economic History of Europe – Karl G. Persson (9780521549400)


Hope you enjoy!

Love, S.

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