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Wedding Wednesday – Our Location

As mentioned before I want to keep our exact location including the name under disclosure until after the wedding. So all you get is the general area it is located in, which is Siena (with probably around 1000 similar locations).

We had some specific wishes about our location and taking those into consideration our wedding planner offered us several different ones, which she previously had worked together with. What we wanted was: a view – because why marry in Tuscany otherwise, so we knew we wanted something somewhere up on a hill (which is thankfully not too hard to find). And 2nd: we wanted to have the ceremony on the location if possible (it is possible in some places, though not everywhere). Our location fulfilled all of this and after getting an overall quote of what it would all cost we decided both for this location and our wedding planner.


Above you can see a little area between two of the buildings (the courtyard opens up more to the left hand side of the picture) and the building you see on the right is actually the building our guests will have their rooms in. In this courtyard we will have a little pre-wedding dinner the day before, where the guests can get to know each other. Pizza from their own oven will be served (it is in the building joining to the left – not visible in picture) and beforehand we have a little wine tasting planned. Some people had their ceremony in this courtyard but we decided differently, wanted to use the space however.


This is the area where our ceremony will take place. We will have a little “altar” in the middle (we are not having a religious ceremony but a civil one only, I am just using this word in order to explain what I mean – basically the table where the official and the two of us will be standing) and a probably white “isle” I will walk down. Everything will be placed facing the beautiful landscape, however I am sure I will be mainly focused on Christoffer (and not tripping).



Above you see where the first part of the reception afterwards will take place. It is basically to the left of the grass the ceremony takes place on (the grass area is right behind the  building above) and the tables are next to the (bar) building. We will have musicians playing and finger food and champaign is being served. However Christoffer and I will be busy having our pictures taken during this part of the wedding fun and only join at the very end.

Afterwards we will move to an area on the opposite side of our location. We do not have pictures of if yet (though saw it of course) because the location we will have the dinner at will only show it´s real charm at night after the sun went down (hint: lots of twinkle lights). And of course we do not want to give everything away up front.

We could not be happier with our choice and are looking forward to next year very much.

Love, S.

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