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Wedding Wednesday – How to find YOUR location

Christoffer and I have been thinking about where to have our wedding basically since the day we got engaged. Obviously it is one of the most important decisions, as it determines everything else.

Right from the beginning we had one location in Denmark we both really liked, however it just did not feel right anymore after first him and then me moved out of the country. We also perceived it as kind of “unfair” if his relatives could basically stay at home and all of mine would have to travel in.

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After our move to Zurich we started considering options in Switzerland. However something which bothered especially Christoffer from the beginning on (something you do not have in Denmark) is the fact, that in Switzerland you always have to get married in city hall first in order to have a legal marriage. We however never planned on doing two celebrations, which is why we looked for alternatives.

We brainstormed a lot of of alternatives, including the (former) Danish Virgin Islands (now US Virgin Islands) and ended up settling on Tuscany (Italy). At that point I had never been there (however plenty of times in other parts of Italy) but I really loved the landscape from pictures. And Christoffer had been there a couple of times before and really liked the area. Considering that it makes for a great wedding location I was sold right away.


So how do you find YOUR location? My advice: go for what your heart tells you. It is your wedding and you (and your spouse) have to like the place. Budget plays a role of course but just because you cannot spend a fortune does not mean you will not have a nice wedding. We made the experience that we are now actually paying less money for more value as both Copenhagen and Zurich are ridiculously expensive. Ask for quotes and compare prices – asking does not cost a thing. Think about what you would like to have for sure and what things you could go without (amazing cake: yes, horse carriage: maybe not). Also when planning a wedding abroad or even just further away: consider a wedding planner. Especially with the laws abroad it is nice to have someone who knows what he/she is doing.

One last tip regarding the wedding planner: look for someone who gives you a fixed quote regarding his/her price. We also got quotes where the wedding planner was getting a certain percentage of the total amount, starting at a certain price (minimum pay). This gave me the feeling he would want to sell me way more/way expensive things that we actually wanted, just to bump up his payment in the end as well. Obviously I do not know if it really would have been like that but it just gave me a negative feeling from the start (listen to your stomach). We ended up picking up someone we felt a connection with right away. One of the first things our wedding planner asked us: please tell me a little bit about yourselves so I can get to know you. In the meantime we were able to meet our wedding planner Kathrin in Tuscany and I could not be happier with our choice.

More about our location in the next wedding Wednesday.

Love, S.

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