Waiting Time

It seems like I am currently put on hold as I have to wait for everything. Waiting for time to pass by, waiting for decisions to be made, and waiting for dates to be set, so that I can start more serious planning. Besides the first two obvious things (waiting for February and waiting for KU admission), I was waiting for my exam dates for this semester as it depends on those dates when I would be moving.

I will have to take four written exams and I finally got the remaining dates today. My first one (Information Economics) will already be on the 24th of January, which I am quite please about. Usually exams at the department of Economics are scheduled for the first two weeks after the last classes (in the spring/summer semester), and for the first week after classes (in the fall semester). In my case this would be the week from the 07th – 11th of February 2011. As we only got one week for all the exams in the fall/winter semester, the 3rd year Bachelor exams are often already schedule during the last week of classes, to take the exams a little bit apart from each other. As long as you do not have any 1st and 2nd year exams left to pass, no problems should occur with this schedule. As Information Economics is a 3rd year class, I expected it to be scheduled earlier, but not that early. But as I have another 3rd year class (Innovation and Technology Economics) to pass, which is scheduled for the 2nd of February, I am quite delighted of those dates, as it is unusually spread out time-wise. And that of course guaranties me more passed exams and maybe even better exam results. Today I also got the scheduled exam dates for Math and Econometrics. Econometrics will be on the 9th, and Math on the 10th of February. Yeah for not heaving to write two exams on one day (it happened before, once even three exams), yeah for not having to write an exam before 10 o’clock (I am an early bird, but I prefer 10 instead of 8 when it comes to exams due to late night studying), and yeah for being done on the 10th (as that means I can move in time for the first IMECO event of the year 2011).

So now I can finally start the more serious planning as it seems that my moving day will be the 10th of February 2010. Cannot wait, cannot wait, cannot wait… I looked up various car rental services and in the end the cheapest solution (and most convenient one for everybody) is to rent a car here in Bielefeld on the 10th right after my exam, drive it all the way up to Denmark on that day, and hand it back in Copenhagen the next day at noon (and head over to the first even straight after). It should work out perfectly I think. Now Christoffer is thinking about coming down to help me move but I have to find out how much more it would be. Well, it would be only 39€ if we buy him a train ticket to Bielefeld right when the new schedule on bahn.de comes out. That will be I think on the 12th or 13th of December. And it depends on if we take the ferry or the bridge. Price-wise it would not matter too much as the bridge is cheaper but of course you need more gas as it is about 150km more to drive. On the other hand the bridge is not too expensive (54€ – at least for one person) and it is less to drive. So it is plus minus zero… Of course the bridge break would be nice, but I am also a little bit concerned about making it. You have to book times in advance and I have to find out if you are able to take an earlier ferry if you make it to the port early.

Sooo much to organize but I am loving it. I will keep you updated when it becomes more serious 🙂

Love, S.

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