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Victoria’s Angels

The latest Victoria’s Secret show is just over, with “Angel” Miranda Kerr wearing the USD 2.5 million bra. And no vacation in the US without hitting a Victoria’s Secret store. Even only the bags are worth it!

I will NOT show you my more intimate purchases 🙂 But I am gladly willing to show you the pretty things I got from the PINK section.


I love that PINK has things from the school and/or team of the local area. You can get therefore get different things in different Victoria’s Secrets depending on where you shop. Even though I am not a fan I loved this idea so much that I bought two different things in two different stores.

Above things I of course bought all in the same store. A few days before I had already bought a great Dolphin’s t-shirt and a grey sweatshirt. And I love the shirts! For everyone with a long upper body they are PURE delight! T-shirts and sweatshirts are all cut very long and I am neither showing belly nor butt when moving around. Me like!

And you can find great things for Christmas 😉 My sister will be able to tell soon, hehe.

Love, S.

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