Using Up Challenge

So I cleaned up the other day in order to make some space for new products and just to get an overview of what kind of products I actually still have.

After having watched some You Tube videos where people talked about challenging themselves by using a certain amount of products up before buying anything new, I thought I should join.

After cleaning out and re-organizing a bit I am left with the following products I want to use up first before buying anything new:

1. Category: Body Lotions

I do have three bottles of yummi Bath & Bodyworks lotion left over from my last vacation in Florida. I also repurchased a bottle of the Lavender lotion from Crabtree & Evelyn, after I loved the first bottle so much, which I got from Christoffer’s brother at some point. Just for some reason I never started using the new bottles. Upsi. Last bot not least I still have quite a bit left in my Moringa Milk body lotion from The Body Shop.

2. Category: Body Butters

As you can see I really love the Moringa. This one is half empty but they last quite long from The Body Shop. After taking the pictures I found two more, just in mini-size (pink grapefruit and moringa again). The I Love… body butter I got from a really good friend of mine but was not able to finish it yet.

3. Category: Body Wash

The adidas body wash is from one of my Glossyboxes. I am not too impressed about it but it is pink and fill size so I kept it. If it is good I will keep on using it, if not I will toss it. The Nivea body wash I bought in Germany. It is an oily body wash and I hope it will help with my dry skin. Last but not least I bought those huge pump bottles in the Netherlands, when we went to an outlet shopping mall. I paid 18 Euro for three of them. One is Christoffer’s (olive and already in use) and I got two of the pink grapefruit (best body wash ever) for myself.

As you can see – I still got a long way to go but I think realizing how many products I still have left is the first step into the right direction.

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