Used Up Products – Week 37

I am hoarder of trash if it comes to beauty products. Usually I filme used up videos, however I am completely lacking the time to film at the moment. But because I do not want to go without showing you the best and worst of what I have used, here we go in form of a blog post. And in order to not overload the post, I will limit those used up posts to five products. Every time I collected five, a new post will come. Hope this sounds like a reasonable idea for everyone. So here we go:


1. Benefit Roller Lash Mascara* : My all time favorite product, repurchased plenty of times (and already got another back up in my drawer). Makes for wonderful long and full lashes without any spider legs. Only two downsides: not waterproof at all (and sometimes smears a little bit, which is however okay with me) and the prices is not the cheapest. But worth it.


2. First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy* : NOT what I expected at all, as I thought it was an eye lotion, however this is more like a light concealer. But I did definitely grow on me and I would love to repurchase soon (just didn’t get around to it yet). Best apply it right after your day lotion and let it sink in for around 5 minutes (I usually made coffee during that time). Once it sets you can work it in and it looks amazing.


3. Benefit Gimme Brow* : What am I happy that this little buddy is back in stock. Already got a new one and one back up. Great for the eyebrows, with or without using an eyebrow pen beforehand. I have one of the darkest shades and it looks great. Gives color, easy to use and those fibers are the bomb. Just not that cheap but well worth it.


4. Dr. Jart Ceramidin* : Awesome product, whichI didn’t expect. I had two generous trial sizes and am now on full size tube number 2. Will love this even more for the colder months and right now don’t want to be without it as it doesn’t make me break out (blemishes as well as allergy). Tempted to try the other products from the line as well.


5. Oskia London Renaissance Cleansing Gel* : What can I say? The one big disappointment this week. I had this for almost two years (arrived right when our daughter was born) and it took me this long to use it up. It is a face balm in a tube, smells nice but honestly didn’t do much for my skin. So for me I would have to say: nice to have but not must have and therefore a highly over-prised and overrated product.


So those were my five used up products of the week. What did you use up as of late and what can you recommend?

Love, S.


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