Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Since Chanel brought out the star collection a few years (two?!?) back I am obsessed with star print. Of course I am not able to afford anything Chancel besides make up. Neither back than nor now. Same goes for anything Gucci which are big on the star print this season.

A couple of months ago I saw those pants on Asos. Find them here.

As I am not the super self-conscious person I did not buy them. But the star-love remained.

Next thing I saw this adorable dress on Cath’s blog. Find the dress here.

I loved the dress but I got so many dresses in black with little black dots in various sizes that I think one more would just be a tad too much. But I was until recently really debating with myself wether I should buy it or not.

And then THIS came up on Asos and I had to buy it (yes, it is ordered now and I cannot wait to finally wear it). Find it here:

It does not come close to anything I already own, it is wearable on a daily basis, and the price was really great.

Love, S.

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