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Trying To Keep Busy Leads To Busy Times

I am back from my weekend adventures. It was a great trip, just way too short. I hate saying goodbye to him over and over and over again. And no, you are not getting used to it over the time. It feels bad every time and maybe even gets worse. Now I am back to my daily routine, trying to keep busy. I will be working exactly 69 hours this week and next week and after that it is finally back to Denmark for a few days. Until I have to say goodbye again. But we will manage I hope.

Nyhavn - New Haven - Neuer Hafen

The last weekend has been great. I flew back into Copenhagen on Thursday and was (of course) picked up by Christoffer. After unpacking, delicious curry soup, and a quick shower it was bedtime early as both of us were tired and had lots of stuff to do the next day. In the morning after Christoffer left to run some last errands I did some cleaning and got ready myself. At noon I went to try my “gift” that I had gotten from Christoffer the day before: a little spa treatment to get all relaxed before the big parties that night to feel all pretty! I just love him for making me feel like a princess. He knew I had doubts about that second party and did not really feel like going.

Later that afternoon we went into the city to prepare the room for the International Welcome Party organized by IMECO for the international Econ students. We started by decorating the tables (girls) and putting up the music (guys). When we were done with the basic stuff, lots of beer and booze was carried into the new “bar” (guys) and the decorating of the walls was starting (girls). Yes, we had our priorities straight when it came to dividing up the tasks between us. At some point I thought we would not be able to get done but eventually we did. And even though some parts of the decoration did not arrive in time the rooms still looked great. We got done in time for the first people to arrive. After an hour of getting to know each other, chatting, drinking beer, and waiting for late arrives, the games started.  We kept it quite simple and fun. The five games included: poop-the-coconut, tug-of-war, a chair game where the teams had to stand on chairs and had to get into a certain order (i.e. alphabetical) without being allowed to get off the chairs and the time was counting, hula-stop-dance, and last but not least a card game where card had to be held up by pressing certain body parts together. As I was the team-leader of the chair game I was not able to neither see nor participate in any of the other games, but I heard everyone had fun with all of them. We were done at around 7 p.m. had a great round of awesome food and after everyone was well fed the actual party started. Even though we had hours for the “party” part of the Welcome Party time passed quickly. Between 10 and 11 p.m. people started to head over to the Metrogårdsfest over at the old university building close to Frue Plads. After some quick cleaning, the rest of us also headed to the second party.

I have to admit the second party was not as good as our own first party. If I would have been a new international student I might have even “disliked” the second party. Usually Friday nights mean Kommunen – Fredagsbar på CSS. By joining the Facebook group everyone can keep up to date who is organizing the next Friday bar and what the „theme“ will be (not that you have to dress up, but it is fun to do anyways). But the first Friday bar in September for Econ students always means Metrogårdsfest. It is especially for the tutors and “russers”, the new freshman but everyone else can join after the dinner. I happened to know quite a lot of people already due to being with Christoffer and due to having had class with many of them last semester. Otherwise I am not sure if I would have had as much fun as I actually had. But that is just me – I know many internationals had a great time after all. And that was the main purpose!

Probably the best beer in the world

The next event is already on the roll. The Carlsberg brewery visit is coming close and I can not wait to participate. It is actually THE event where Christoffer noticed me the first time and I wished I would have stayed longer that day. The event will start with a great marketing presentation from a Carlsberg employee. Afterwards everyone will have enough time to take a quick tour through the adjoining museum until we will head to the bar. Two beers and sodas are included in the entrance and the beer tasting and chatting is lovely. As much as love parties: it is just way easier to actually talk if there is no stereo blasting out loud music in the background. Last semester we went to grab some food at a Turkish restaurant before having cocktails at DalleValle. I am not sure if the locations will stay the same but I know we will have food and drinks somewhere for sure. Afterwards is the official International Semester Start Party at Park. Again I am not sure if I will join the second party but this time not because of personal reasons. The trains home are still not going like they used to go and it would take forever to get back from Park into the city and then to get home. After last Friday I also know that I will be dead on my feet after about 10 hours of socializing, drinking, and being out. And last but not least I will not have time to go home to change into something party-worthy, and I do not feel like dressing up for a party and then go to Carlsberg, nor do I feel like changing clothes in between and having to carry them all with me. I will probably wear something comfy that still looks good and if I feel like going I will, and if I do not feel like going I will not got.

Last but not least I AM looking forward to the next Copenhagen weekend. I will see Christoffer, I will see my friends, and last but not least I might even have some time to go into the city and do some shopping 🙂

Love, S.

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