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Things To Do In Fall

When being asked, which season is my favorite I usually cannot give a precise answer. In my opinion there is something special and magical about every season.

I love the feeling of going out of the house in the morning and realizing I might be able to ditch my coat very soon (in the spring). Nothing beats the smell after a long hot day followed by heavy rain (in the summer). I love the sound of snow crackling under my feet and the smell of burning wood coming out of chimneys (in the winter). And I have a thing for stormy afternoons, while being snuggled up at home in the fall.

The last three days it has been raining non-stop and the other day we also had a really bad storm with lots of wind and even more rain. Unfortunately that is how fall is in Denmark (and also in Germany). I did swear to myself that one day I will spend a fall in the Northern part of the States or Canada. And how much do I envy my cousin right now who moved back to Canada with her kids and Canadian husband only a few weeks ago. From pictures I can see that they have a proper “Indian Summer”.

But I got some plans to bring fall home myself:

1. I will snuggle up at home in some cozy blankets (wishing mine would look more look more like those as I think they make excellent decorations)

2. All snuggled up I will drink lots of tea, preferably this delicious looking apple cinnamon tea (gotta find a recipe)

3. Sometimes I will switch to a nice hot chocolate (or a vanilla latte if it is)

4. And I will finish up the snuggling up and drinking of hot beverages with a good book (which will maybe afterwards do as pretty decoration as well)

5. I definitely have to get my hands on some pumpkins. I am not the biggest pumpkin fan when it comes to eating them (no pumpkin soup or pumpkin bread for me) but I do love them as decoration. Either the little ones, which can be used for quite a long time or carving out my own.

6. Last but not least I promised myself to get dressed in my Hunter boots, rain coat, scarf and warm sweaters and take some long walks in the rainy weather outside Рpreferably with my love

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Which one is your favorite season and what makes it so special for you? What are your tips for fall and how do you make the colder temperatures bearable?

Love, S.

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