These Boots Are Made For Walkin’

I love to dress the way I like – not necessarily because I want to express myself, but more because everyone should be able to wear what they like without being judged (and therefore being stared at).

Right now I am obsessed with boots. Ankle boots, over-knee boots, calve-high boots – all different kinds of boots. And not just the height does matter. Also of course the style. Over the last two years I saw Minnetonka shoes and boots quite a lot. Those boots and moccasins are very famous in the States and you can see a lot of celebrities wearing them if you pay attention (not that it matters to me who is wearing what kind of shoes – you just see them more in the magazines if more people wear them). As the name already indicates the shoes come with a Native American touch which makes them quite special, but also not too easy to combine with every-day outfits. I still love them. The more often I look at the pictures the more I decided that I really want to have a pair. I picked out a boot called “Woodstock”, a higher-than-ankle-but-lower-than-regular-calves boot in a nice cognac-brownish color. But I am not getting them. Yet. Main reason is that I just want to wait what other options I will have this winter. I’m soon returning to Copenhagen and in October I am also going to Hamburg and I am sure I will see a lot of new shoes which all look very awesome. I’m also sure that I will not forget about “my” Minnetonka boots – and get them anyway at some point. Sooner or later.

In September I will also receive another pair of boots. The new H&M catalogue came out a few weeks back and I placed my order right away. It is not that I’m a super huge fan of H&M. The quality is not always the best and if they have a nice piece everyone has it right away. But you cannot deny that H&M is great for basics and some standout pieces. And for the rest: it is all about proper combination so that it is not quite that obvious where you got your stuff and style from. So picking even the same accessories as the model on the latest catalogue cover might not be the best solution. Combining H&M stuff with a cool pair of Diesel jeans or some awesome looking boots (there we go again) might be.

Well, back to the boots. They have some greyish suede boots which can be worn as regular boots or over knee boots (though the boot barely reaches over the knee). I got quite some high expectations about those boots and I hope that I’m not too disappointed. In a few weeks time I will know. If everything fails: Minnetonka is still waiting for me!

Love, S.

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