I actually had a different post scheduled for this morning. Scheduled, because I have to write an exam later on and I will also have a job interview in half an hour. But what I read is so disturbing for me that I have to write about it because otherwise it will just stick in my head all day long. While reading my daily morning lecture aka reading all the new posts of my favorite blogs on Bloglovin I read about Marie’s case.

Marie is a 15-year-old blogger from Germany who writes about fashion and her every-day life. I enjoy looking at her pictures and reading about her daily adventures. Today she wrote about that someone had tipped her off that a blogger from Sweden had created a blog with her pictures and also a profile on Facebook. The account on Facebook as been deleted by now but she was still a bit disturbed about it. And I feel with her!

But what can a blogger really do about it? You cannot read every blog in the world every day and as long as you are not lucky enough that someone tips you off (Marie had someone who recognized her pictures and told her) you will most likely never find out. Of course putting a copyright sign on your pictures might help – but a skilled user knows how to remove them. That you should not post your real name (or your full real name) and address on the blog goes for itself as well. But otherwise there is nothing you can really do, except not putting up any of your own pictures at all or quitting to blog in general.

I hope Marie will still keep on blogging. If someone steals your pictures see it as a compliment that someone seems to like your work so much that he/she feels the urge of being like you. It is sad and not “right” if you have to steal from others but you have to protect yourself somehow but still keep your passion and pursue what you want to do: blog!

Love, S.

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