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The Start of Something New

So. I have not written on here in quite a while. My last post is from last year October, which is by now (almost) a year ago. And lots of things have happened in the meantime and I am happy to announce, that they are all really amazing things. I wanted to re-vamp the layout of the blog for quite a while and also wanted to start writing again more. So let us dive into what has happened in the meantime:

In November I started a new job with one of the largest banks here in Switzerland – one that I love and cannot wait to get back to come next year may. Now you are probably wondering: why to get back to? Well, if you follow me on Instagram and/or watch my YouTube videos you obviously already know but: we are expecting a little someone special. Our baby girl is due to arrive around the end of October, but due to a scheduled c-section she will make her debut into the world more around the middle of the month, which gives me around 9 weeks to go at this point. The pregnancy has been fairly easy to this point and there is nothing major I can complain about at this point (knock on wood). If you are interested in following my pregnancy click on the “pregnancy update videos” in the right hand sidebar.

I will try to start writing more frequently again, but not promises on super regular blog posts. But while on maternity leave I thought this is something I definitely want to indulge in again more often, including more frequent YouTube videos (I have however been quite consistent with videos as of late).


I hope you are up to following my journey of impending motherhood and enjoy the new blog design.

Love, S.


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