The Mess Of Moving

Soon, so soon… The time is growing closer and closer. Finally I can almost start counting down the days. In less than four weeks I will be moving to Denmark. My closet is sold and will get picked up on Wednesday or Thursday. Same goes for my big chair and my computer (thanks to eBay). When the closet is gone I will clean my room and move all the boxes I already packed and which are currently place all over the apartment and the basement into one corner of my room. And hopefully I will finally manage to make everything a bit nicer than right now. For now I put all my clothes which are on hangers on one big rack which I specifically bought for the move. The rest of my closet is located on the left side of my bed while I sleep on the right half (do not worry – the bed is 200x200cm so I got plenty of room… Hopefully it is less messy soon as I have to study and I HATE studying when it is messy. But I have to live with it for now…

THE Rack (not sure how long it will last - the legs are already bended)

THE shoes

THE bed

Love, S.

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