The 7 Beauty Sins

On Twitter I read a tweet written by Mirela from coral and mauve. It was about the 7 Beauty Sins, a kind of post, which is apparently going around on various blogs at the moment. Well, shame on me, but I have not heard about it before. But as I love everything beauty related, here we go:

Greed – Which one is your cheapest beauty product? 

I am pretty sure it is a chap stick – a chap stick by chap stick (like a Labella from Labella if you get what I mean – the real thing, hehe). My favorite one is the medicated one but I am unfortunately out of it. I still have a couple of cherry chap sticks left. Yes, like in the Katy Perry song. I use it as a base for lipstick or just plain as a chap stick.

Wrath – Which beauty product annoyed you the most?

I know a lot of girls wrote eyeliner. And yes, I never manage to fully get the hang of it. Though I am always tempted to try it again. I am just looking for a cheap but proper solution. Otherwise I would say some of my nail polishes. I got the Riva from Chanel and a cappuccino colored one from Essie – and the suck. Due to their light consistency they are really hard to apply and therefore rarely bother to try.

Gluttony – Which one is your most delicious beauty product?

I love the pink grapefruit and the moringa body washes from the Body Shop – delicious fruity but still fresh smell. I also love the product from Bath & Bodyworks and will definitely stock up on them the next time I am in the States.

Sloth – Which product are you neglecting due to being lazy?

I am not a huge fan of lotions. So I only use it when I actually have to show my legs in the summer. Or when I absolutely feel like pampering me. As we do not have a bathtub at the moment a proper pampering night rarely takes places (a hot shower can just not substitute a proper bath).Also I have that great eye serum from Clinique, which is called “all about eyes”. But you put it on before you go to bed – at which point I am so tired that I often forget about it.

Pride – Which beauty product makes you most self-confident?

A good make up. And I am not talking about eye make up. Just properly covered up, still looking natural and without looking cakey. Made up without looking made up. Does that make sense? I also appreciate it a lot if people ask i.e. which kind of perfume I am wearing because they smelled and liked it. Makes me feel like I made the right choice. Same goes for nail polish. Though neither nail polish nor perfume make me more self-confident.

Lust – What do you think is attractive in a man when it comes to beauty (products)?

Definitely if someone smells good! I could “sniff” my boyfriend all-day-long when he is wearing is favorite perfume Armani Code. And of course a man should take care of himself. The general hygienic conditions should be fulfilled.

Envy – Which beauty product would you like to receive most as a present?

Hm, there are a few I have to admit. I always love to get a new Chanel nail polish. And I would also love to try out more Chanel product, both in the decorative and in the nurturing department. I am also dying to try out some MAC products. I am always a bit scared of their counters: too many people and too busy for my taste. And I read everywhere about the doll eyes mascara from Lancôme.

So, which are yours?

Love, S.

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