Test – BB Creams

After reading about the Gold Caviar BB Cream from BRTC, used by Vicky on a regular basis, I got curios and wanted to try it. I looked on ebay and was able to order the product for a little under 15 Euro including shipping.

I lately had also heard quite a bit about the new Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All-In-On BB Cream from Garnier and wanted to try that one as well so that I could compare both products. As it is not available in Denmark (yet) I ordered it from the UK. Today it was in the mail (shipping took about a week for both products which is great considering that the 1st cream came all the way from Korea) and I can finally start comparing both products for you.

After unpacking I started by comparing the nozzles of both products. What I appreciated about the BRTC cream right away was the small nozzle head and the rather fluid cream. The Garnier creme on the other hand has a rather wide opening and the cream came out in a big lump. Both things I do not like that much (but of course does not say anything about the product in general yet).

Above you can see the blob of cream which I meant above. I applied tiny potions on the back of my hand. Below you can see, that the Garnier cream is way more reddish and darker than the BRTC cream (BRTC left and Garnier right). The BRTC cream on the other hand seemed way more thicker when rubbing in and way more like a make up than I expected.

I will wait one more week until I actually start trying out both creams over a longer period of time (I am still taking the antibiotics for my eczema and even though it already cleared up a lot I want to give it a few more days to improve)! After a few weeks I will review the product and tell you my final opinion.

If you have some questions about the creams before feel free to contact me. Also if you have any suggestions etc. I would love to hear your opinion about them!

Love, S. 

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