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Empty Old Apartment Tour

Before starting to show you my new apartment and its glory details I thought it would be nice for you to see the old one, which I filmed (empty) after the movers were gone. For me looking at all of this old footage is bittersweet and even though I like it here in Switzerland a lot I know we will return to Denmark at some point in the future. Enjoy. Love, S.


Once  again I have been missing not just for weeks but this time months at a time. Today it has been 53 days that I moved to Zurich, 8 weeks on Sunday, which have passed so quickly that it amazes me every time I think about it. I can finally say that things started to calm down. The apartment is almost ready with only a few things here and there to finish (apartment update coming soon – the pictures are already taken) and this coming ...
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Vacation Time

A couple of weeks ago I visited the fiancé in Switzerland and we were invited by a friend/colleague of his to come on a little tour through the Alps. Do not ask me where exactly we drove by and through – it got confusing at some point. All I know is that we started in Einsiedeln, a small town already quite high up in the mountains close to a mountain lake. We did not really know what the colleague had planned and were wearing our Nikes ...