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Barcelona Diary – Part IV

A rather short nights’ sleep later it is already the 29th of August and to not lose too much of the day we did get up rather early to finally start some serious sightseeing in Barcelona. First stop: the beach. We walked all the way down towards Barceloneta until we hit the beach. We stopped for a quick cocktail at one of the many beach cafes and started walking down the Passeig Maritim Barceloneta towards the Olympic towers. And I ...

Florida via Instagram

Like you could see from my previous post I did not take too many pictures. I just did not feel like luggin around the big camera all the time and my parents and especially sister did not feel like being photographed all the time. And besides… in a shopping mall I did not really have use for a camera as my focus was on different objects (word catch, lol)… Anyhow – I did however manage to take around 120 pictures with my ...
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Decorating in Full Swing

Long time, no see. I know – and I am deeply sorry for it. I always had that little voice in the back of my head saying: you have to blog, you have to blog. But just making up a “wish list” or a “best of” just because I have nothing to blog about is just not me. So please bare with me. School and work have me back and my schedule is PACKED. I am basically gone every day from 07:30 until at least 18:00, if not ...