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Florida Vlogs 2016 – Part 1

Wow, it really took me for-ev-er… to edit those videos I mean. But, I finally got there (not finished) but I do have the first 6 videos done and the first one is up. Now, keep in mind those vlogs are something we did merely for ourselves, however Florida is so lovely, that it would be a shame to not share our time with you. Love, S.

Follow Me Around #1

So, I always wanted to film a follow me around vlog, but I still feel somewhat uncomfy walking around with a camera, talking to myself. Especially when no other person is with me. And obviously I cannot take you to work with me and to school also in a somewhat limited way. However, last Saturday I was able to film quite a bit and there was actually something special going on. What it was? Well, for that you have to watch the video 🙂 Love, S.