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Hohoho everyone, Charlotte tagged my in her Winterlicious tag earlier today and as this tag does not require too many pictures I was all in right away. I have so many other great posts planned for you (22 – I just counted my little list) as well but the light is horrid at the moment. It feels like it is literally not getting dark out there at all. So here we go with a tag for now and I hope that this week (I am home all week for ...
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Essie ♥ {TAG}

Mirela from Coral & Mauve was recently tagged and did a great TAG post on her Essie nail polishes. As those TAGs often help me to realize what I actually own myself and what I would still love to have, I decided to participate as well and share my also not so little Essie nail polish collection with you. How many Essie nail polishes do you have (please show them to us)? And most importantly: Why do you have (so many) Essie polishes? I ...

TAG – What’s In My Bag?

I always like the TAG when I see it on other blogs as I love to see what other people carry around with them and especially, which kind of products. As I got my new Zara bag the other day I thought I can finally show as well what is in my bag. 1. The wallet from oilily. I only use wallets which have a zipper – makes me feel more save. This one I have since about 2-3 years and will continue to use it as it is big enough for all my stuff ...