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How to save money when moving – Swiss Edition

We have recently moved into a beautiful new home and are in the process of getting settled. While moving is always lots of work, it is also fun to make a new place your “home” with rearranging and decorating involved. However, moving is not just work and fun – it also usually comes at an expense. And that can be quite significant here in Zurich, Switzerland. Now, how were we able to save on actual money when moving? Here are some of my tips ...


Once  again I have been missing not just for weeks but this time months at a time. Today it has been 53 days that I moved to Zurich, 8 weeks on Sunday, which have passed so quickly that it amazes me every time I think about it. I can finally say that things started to calm down. The apartment is almost ready with only a few things here and there to finish (apartment update coming soon – the pictures are already taken) and this coming ...

Exciting News

Around two weeks ago I managed to film a video in which I am explaining why I have been MIA over the last couple of weeks/months (basically since the middle of November on YouTube and even longer on the blog). I am also revealing some exciting news in this video: I will be moving abroad again. Well, abroad as in moving to another European country (as you well know I am already living abroad). I will be joining my fiancé in Switzerland from ...