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TAG – All Those Pretty Things

One of the famous TAG’s, which is going around lately is the “All Those Pretty Things” TAG (loosely translated from the German version). At first I was only admiring the pretty things of other people and then started thinking about what kind of pretty make up products I have hidden in my drawer. Pretty soon I realized that there are actually some really nice things I own so I grabbed my camera to share them with you. 1. ...

Sephora Opening Copenhagen

Yesterday was the day I had been waiting for for quite some time. The Sephora store in Copenhagen finally opened its doors. The store is located within the department store “Illum” (one of the two big and well-known ones here in Copenhagen), right in the middle of the city center and pedestrian walk. I had to wait until after work but there was still lots of stuff going on. We all got a goodie bag, little drinks were being served ...