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Real Techniques


What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag

As the fiancé is still living abroad from me, trips to see him are inevitable at the moment (and on the other hand much awaited on both sides). For the next trip I wanted to show you what I am bringing and how I am bringing it (aka the actual makeup bag). After years of bringing first one little Oilily bag and then an additional little bag (because the first one did not fit everything anymore), I upgraded over the summer and got the Laura ...
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New Brushes – Real Techniques

I have been lusting over those brushes for ages. Ages as in since the beginning of the year when I heard about them for the first time. As you can unfortunately not get them in Denmark I was not able to get them until recently. By accident I saw that you can now order them on the UK Amazon so I decided to get them shipped to my parents as the the UK Amazon takes the different VAT’s into account and Denmark has a VAT of 25% as opposed ...