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Mix & Match with Jo Malone

One thing I always wanted  to do was to mix my own scent combination at Jo Malone and when my wedding approached I knew the time had come. At the counter I tried out several combinations, most of them with my all-time favorite scent, which came out last fall: Wood Sage & Sea Salt, combining ambrette seeds (top note), sea salt (heart note), and sage (base note) for a “lively, spirited and totally joyful” scent. But I did not ...

Tromborg – Scandinavian Mood

For my birthday I got some incredible presents from my workplace. And the best: I did not even expect to get anything. However, it is apparently custom that everyone with a round birthday is getting something, and when I was asked into what direction I would like the present to go, I of course said: anything beauty would be fine with me. I was more than delighted to find out what I was actually getting, because (I have to admit this): it was ...
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A Sense of Smell

After I acquired my latest perfume in Florida I though it is about time to show you my current and long-time favorites. Some of them have been around for a few years already and some are new (but still much loved). Some of them I can wear all year round whereas others are pure summer or pure winter smells. But they are all special nonetheless… One of my newest perfumes is “La Petite Robe Noir” from Guerlain. The sweet sweet ...