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Skin Care Routine Update

Already two weeks ago I filmed a skin care routine update after I had trouble with my skin for the last couple of weeks, since around the beginning of April. I got my skin back under “control” (as much as that is possible) and I thought it was time for another update about the products I use, in which order I used them, and especially how I use them. I hope you enjoy. Love, S.
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Travel Essentials – Part 1

The next couple of days we are spending in London for my birthday (it is official: I am not in my 20s anymore). For me any kind of vacation includes lots of planning and for a weekend trip (2-4 days) even more – after all you do not want to bring your whole closet (or makeup supply) for such an occasion. I therefore have a little box at home where I collect mini-bottles of my favorite beauty products in order to not having to bring all of my ...
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Product of the Week – #2 Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm

Welcome to another product of the week, which today is Nuxe’s amazing lip balm. I had been eyeing this lip balm for quite a while but never got around to buying it. Mainly because I have so many lip balms and secondly I was not sure if it really is as good as everyone says. Two weeks ago I was so lucky that I got this as a belated Christmas present from a dear friend of mine and it came to exactly the right time as I was down with a ...