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Florida via Instagram

Like you could see from my previous post I did not take too many pictures. I just did not feel like luggin around the big camera all the time and my parents and especially sister did not feel like being photographed all the time. And besides… in a shopping mall I did not really have use for a camera as my focus was on different objects (word catch, lol)… Anyhow – I did however manage to take around 120 pictures with my ...
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Here we go with some highlights of the last few days: 1. new running shoes with my name on them / 2. Pringles while studying / 3. good German beer from the area I am from / 4. the meal, which came with the meal – yummi / 5. InStyle US June edition / 6. Bobble water bottles / 7. my colleague brought me the latest InStyle editions from Germany / 8. in front of my office in Christianshavn, Copenhagen / 9. Frig and Hagbard wanted to play ...