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Summertime de Chanel

When I walked into a local store last week (it was the 3rd of May) I was more than surprised to see the new “Summertime de Chanel” collection out here in Denmark already. Usually we have to wait way longer for those to come out over here. As that particular store had great offers all of last week (10% on all cosmetics) I could not help but getting very very tempted. I was even luckier when the sales assistant told me that on this ...

Coral Overload

I am so sorry for two nail polish posts in a row but I just had to share all those lovely shades I got lately. Everywhere the color “coral” is popping up and I could not resist the trend. Chanel brought out some new colors after the Les Jeans collection, though I am afraid I am not sure if the new collection has a name. I guess it does but it does not really say on their homepage. There are four colors (instead of three) in this ...

Lovely Pastels

I am back on track, finally feeling better. The weather forecast is looking good as well – not the 30 degrees they had in Southern Germany and around Vienna but good enough 🙂 To get back into the blogging routine I start with some new nail polishes I acquired over the last couple of weeks. To start off with I show you the ones from Essie (and a great new hand balm I bought with one of them). The hand balm is from “I ...