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My 5 Favorites – Summer Nail Polish Edition

So I wanted to film this video for a while now (and of course write the matching blog post). The nail polishes have actually been standing outside for almost three weeks now. However the good weather etc. have been preventing me to actually get going with it (you know the drill). But now I can finally proudly present to you: my five favorite nail polishes for summer! I know that I am technically cheating with this, as my previous favorite ...
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May Favorites

We are in June and of course I had some favorites I absolutely LOVED to use in May. Some of them were new favorites and some of them were “old friends”. One of my latest “new” items is the Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturizer, which I picked up when I saw it randomly in a discounter while grocery shopping. Fakta buys products in huge bulks and is therefore able to sell them rather cheap (Economies of Scale – ...
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Dior Bird of Paradise Collection – Samba Duo

After I had it in my possession for almost three weeks now, I finally found the time to show you one of the duo’s, which come with the Dior Bird of Paradise Collection. I got it at the airport in Copenhagen and it will soon (May) also be available in Germany as well. The Samba duo consists of two nail polishes (duuuuuh, duo), and the colors do color-match. What really caught my eyes though was the darker greenish-blue color. It reminds ...